Brande, a shameless cat video enthusiast, hot cocoa connoisseur, and sucker for a real good laugh, is me!

[1.]  My hunk of a husband, Patrick, has been making me laugh out loud for 24 years and we have 4 daughters with a crazy age gap...20, 17, 8, & 4. 

[2.]  I love Jesus, my family, really good movies, and making beautiful, awesome, endearing, super-duper, and fabulous images. (also known as pretty pictures.)   ...not necessarily in that order!...except for Jesus. :)

[3.]  If somebody forced me to take a vacation anywhere in the world I'd go to Africa. 

[4.]  If I was stranded on an island and was only allowed to take one piece of makeup with me... I'm bringing mascara.

[5.]  I love my curly hair and play the oldies station. Everyday.

[6.]  I thought Mary Poppins was the originator of, "A thing of beauty is a joy forever." for the longest time!  :)